So, once you have got your perfect foundation to match your skin type, it’s
just as important to apply it correctly to achieve a flawless finish.

Here are your five steps to perfect application – this method best suits
liquid or cream foundation.

1. Begin by applying a small amount of foundation around the nose, then move
outward on to your cheeks and start making swirly motions with your fingers,
sponge or brush to blend. Then work your way down to your chin and repeat the









2. Start applying the foundation around the eyes. Take a tiny amount of
foundation and dot lightly around the eye, eye-lid and under the brow. Then
work from the inner corner of your eye and brush out and up. Blend in gently.

3.On your forehead you have lots of tiny hairs so you need to use downward
brush motions get your foundation looking perfect. Remember to blend it into
the hair line so it doesn’t look like a halo round your forehead.

4. If needed apply some concealer to hide any unwanted spots or blemishes!

5.Then apply a light powder to set the foundation and get rid of any shine.

Let me know how you get on!











Here are my fave cover up products at the moment:

1. ‘Some Kind-a Gorgeous’ by Benefit

2. Bobbi Brown Liquid foundation

3. ‘Erase Paste’ concealer by Benefit

4. ‘Boing’ concealer by Benefit.

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  1. mel says:

    Which foundation are you wearing in the photo! You are so beautiful girl! Flawless skin!

  2. mel says:

    Also what Shade do you wear in the some kinda gorgeous by benefit?

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