If you wear glasses – this post is especially for you ….

Some of us have to wear glasses – including me!  I have had to wear glasses since I was five and I really hate wearing them!  The thing is, I know I have to so I just have to make the best of the situation.  It would be really easy to just give up and hide behind my frames.  If I did, I would look like this …..
















However, that look is so not me!  Today, I’m going to teach you how to look CHIC in your glasses.

1. Hair – flat, middle parted hair is never a good look when it comes to glasses. So try and get a lot of volume and go for a side parting.

2.  Make-up – essential! It makes sure your eyes stand out behind those frames. If you’re going to school or having a lazy day, just go for a light weight mascara and a light coloured eye-shadow. On the weekends and holidays go for light and dark shaded eye-shadows (preferably brown or black), and dark eye-liner (remember to smudge!) with a light weight mascara. I know how annoying it is when your lashes rub against the lenses so go for a light, non-clumpy but dark mascara. I strongly recommend BAD GAL LASHES by Benefit.

3. Lips – go for a glamourous, bold lipstick on weekends and holidays – any colour you love will work. But for school go for a subtle, natural ‘can hardly tell you’re wearing it’ coloured gloss.

4. Cheeks – Go for a shade that suits your skin tone – coral or pink based (Remember to smile and only apply on the apple of your cheeks – avoid a blob or stripe!)

5. Confidence – Head up, chin down and smile! You look gorgeous. Don’t hide behind those frames!

So we’ve gone from GEEK – TO…..





9 thoughts on “FROM GEEK – TO – CHIC!

  1. You look stunning in your glasses. Very stylish and chic. Lovely make-up too. Glasses are really trendy these days and a great fashion statement.

  2. Faye sellers says:

    Well said! Glasses are an accessory, not just a necessity. I for one always wished I needed glasses at school, I think they look really hot!

  3. Lottie says:

    Hahaha i love your geeky pic liv ! funny times 🙂 you do your make up so beautifully and it looks amazing ! xxxx

  4. Hannah says:

    You look really good in your glasses! Good idea for the make-up too, it looks great!

  5. A.H says:

    I love this look!! It’s a very simple way to look cute with glasses!!

  6. haha great 😉
    nice idea for a post!

  7. I had to buy new glasses because I hated wearing them, but I’d been walking around blind and guessing everyone’s identity based on their walk. Hopefully my new ones look so fabulous i’ll never want to take them off.

  8. You look precious in your glasses!

  9. You are beautiful! Glasses are a great accessory!

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