My Aunty Faye always told me that “beauty is pain”.  I never really knew what this meant, until I started plucking my eyebrows!   The thing is, neat eyebrows can make the difference between looking well groomed and looking like Hagrid from Harry Potter!  There’s no easy way to do it.  Whether you wax or pluck – both ways hurt, but the end result is so worth it AND the more frequently you do it, the easier and less painful it becomes.  My Aunty Faye knows a thing or two about looking good – she used to work for L’Oreal and she has this advice when it comes to eyebrows …

“Eyebrows are sisters, not twins, so basically don’t get hung up on making them identical because they never will be.  When plucking, do the eyebrows simultaneously so you don’t over pluck one!  Thick eye brows are IN so don’t go too thin, as they’ll never grow back!  Once a year, go to a professional and get them threaded.”

Here are three really easy and quick steps to perfect brows.


STEP 1. Make sure you have a really good pair of tweezers with a fine tip for precise plucking!  Identify the stray hairs you want to remove and firmly grab them with the tweezers and pull in the direction that they grow.  OUCH!  Have a tissue ready in case your nose runs or itches – mine does for some random reason!  Your eyes might start to stream too.  The golden rule is NEVER to pluck above the brow – always UNDER and don’t go too thin!

STEP 2. You might find that the area you have plucked feels a little sore – you might even get some little red spots where you have just yanked the hair from the folicle!  This is normal – just apply some soothing moisturiser and your skin will feel fine after a short while.  After plucking, brush through your new, neat brows with a brow brush.  If you don’t have a brow brush, you can always use your finger.

STEP 3.  For extra definition, and or to fill in any gaps (if you have quite fine brows) you can use a special eyebrow pencil or matt, brown eye-shadow and brush it over your brows.

BOOM! Perfect brows. 😀


3 thoughts on “BEAUTY IS PAIN

  1. Jess says:

    liv do mine for me your an expert!

  2. Have u tried warming the area to be plucked with a hottish wet cotton pad, then stretch the immediate area between your 1st and 2nd fingers.
    It does also help to close the pores with a cold wet cotton pad afterwards, don’t use a moisturiser straight away as it can cause puffiness.
    Having said all that,
    You did a great job.

    1. WOW! More great advice. Thank you SO much for commenting. 🙂 X

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