If you live in a place like England, where the sun barely shines and you feel like brightening yourself up, then a touch of SUN BEAM by Benefit is what you need.

SUN BEAM comes in a cute little bottle – a bit like a nail varnish.  It is filled with the most divine shimmering, liquid gold!  You can use it to highlight your cheek and brow bones to brighten up your complexion in an instant.  It’s so fine, that it looks like your skin is naturally glowing – it barely looks like you’re wearing make-up.  The warm, golden shade suits every skin tone from light to dark and gives that dewy look to your complexion.  You only need a tiny amount, so it lasts forever which is just a bonus!  I’ve had mine for a couple of months and it still hasn’t run out, which is amaZing as I wear it every day without fail.

HOW TO APPLY:  Use the little brush to dot a tiny amount onto your cheek and brow bones and use your fingers gently to blend.

I definitely recommend this product – it’s worth every penny.  It’s liquid sunshine in a bottle!

You can buy SUN BEAM here :


4 thoughts on “SUN BEAM by BENEFIT

  1. I love your blog! I dont live in England but I can relate(: Cant wait for more posts

  2. I love your blog!!!!!! I have gotten some really good tips from it. Keep writing!

    1. That is really kind of you to say! Thank you.
      Olivia x

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