So it’s been a year since I last posted anything on here. I published my ‘You Are Beautiful’ post last August so it’s been an awfully long time since then. However I’ve been amazed over the past year that you all still even bother to look if I have updated anything! I’ve received many e-mails and comments saying that they love reading my blog and asked where I was and why I had stopped blogging.

To be brutally honest, I don’t even know why I stopped blogging for so long because I enjoy it so much and love reading all your lovely comments and e-mails but I suppose I was just overwhelmed with school work and growing up that I couldn’t really find the time to post anything. Over the past year I guess I fell into this bubble of self doubt, lack of motivation and major over thinking syndrome. This had left me feeling a bit stuck, like a rabbit in the headlights. At some point we have all felt this though, right? It’s only human. Although, after spending the past five weeks in France completely away from everything, literally in the middle of no where, has given me the time to reflect, completely re-engerise myself both mentally and physically and come back with a new splash of positive energy and ideas.

One of my many favourite quotes at the moment is; “You don’t need a new year to change yourself”. I wish I had come across this quote sooner as I was the kind of person to wait until a new year had started until I thought I could properly start a fresh which I think a lot of us do… But it’s true, you really don’t need a new year to be able to do this. So I’m starting a fresh now. Turning a new leaf. Opening a new door.

Lots of love Olivia x

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5 thoughts on “A Fresh Start

  1. Aggie says:

    Olivia you are an inspiring person I love your blog thanks for posting a new post!!! X x

  2. Francesca says:

    Very glad you are blogging again Olivia. Love the quote and the positive thinking X

  3. Flo Goodhand says:

    Olivia I love your blog and im a really big fan. I espiecally love the bit about how to be a good friend. I hope that you become whatever you want to be because you could easily be a model. I really look up to you because your such a role model and inspiring person. xx

  4. lucycowlin says:

    I wish I adapted this approach more often too, in fact, I might make my fresh start today! 🙂 Love your blog x

  5. kailan says:

    Olivia i love your blog! Your advice is amazing and i feel like i can relate to you so much! please check out my blog kailantang.blogspot.ca:) i just started my blog and i am still trying to understand this whole blogging thing

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