Here is my second video!

This is my weekend morning routine in 7 mins – obviously it doesn’t include the part when I’m in the shower washing my hair or eating my breakfast!

I always love watching ‘Morning Routine’ videos by other beauty bloggers. The best ones are those where the blogger gets out of bed, with no make-up on and then you get to see how they get ready for their day – you can follow their skincare and make-up routine and see the products they use.  I love to see their bedrooms!  Obviously, I did have a bit of tidy up when I made my video, but I have tried to keep it real – you get to see my hideous spots and then see what miracle products I use to cover them up! I hope you like ….




– Dermalogica Clear Start Foaming Wash
– Bioderma – (you can purchase it from Amazon)
– Bio Oil


– Benefit Porefessional primer
– MAC Studio Fix Foundation
– MAC Pro Longwear Conceale
– Corn Silk Transluscent loose powder
– Urban Decay NAKED palette 1.
– They’re Real Mascara by Benefit
– Hoola Bronzer by Benefit
– MAC lipstick Cherish

30 thoughts on “My Weekend Morning Routine

  1. OMG I love the outfit(: Soooo adorable(:

  2. Kitty Wagner says:

    Hi Olivia!
    I love make up and beauty and ur blog posts r amazing and u r so pretty! I love ur videos they r so good and I want to start my own blog after Christmas do u have any tips? Kitty😄

    1. Hi Kitty, thank you so much for your kind words!<3 My tips would be to stay true to yourself and don't have a really busy background – it can be distracting from the actual blog posts! x

      1. Sierra says:

        Hi Olivia its Sierra again and I did get your email and I subscribed to your Youtube channel I would love to start one but you know Mom and Dad say not until later because i’m a “teenager” now and they are worried about me but I do really love your blog do you have any tips for mine?

  3. Haley says:

    OMG you are so stunning and inspiring! I totally love your blog and your videos! I learn so much from you. When is the next video coming???

    1. Aw thank you so much Haley! 🙂 So glad you like my blog and my videos. I am hoping to post another video this weekend! x

  4. Bio Oil is a really good choice!

  5. Kitty Wagner says:

    Hi Olivia,
    I got some of that corn silk loose powder and its really good! Thx for the recommendation x I also tried curling my hair like urs and it’s so quick and easy to do! I could finally curl my hair with no hassle x

  6. Maria says:

    I love your blog soo much, so many helpful tips but also you are so pretty!!
    I would love it if you went over to check out my blog?? xxx

    1. Thank you so much Maria! So glad you love my blog and find it helpful. I just checked out your blog and I love it! Keep it up. x

  7. Hello Olivia,

    I have watched your first blog video and i really liked your video. You have great outfits as well as effective beauty products. Thnaks i would like to follow your blog.

  8. Hello Olivia,

    I have watched your first blog video and i liked your blog video. You have great outfits as well as effective beauty products. I would kie to follow your blog. Thanks

  9. Emily says:

    I love this video because it has helped me to decide what makeup to get and what might work well for me.

    1. Thank you Emily, I know finding makeup that works well can be hard – I know the struggle! But so glad I could help you out. x

  10. I absolutely adore your blog! I’m going to list it in my personal beauty directory on my blog – check it out (in a couple of days) 🙂 xx

    1. Thank you so much Marie! I’ll be sure to check it out. x

  11. Hannah says:

    Hi Olivia what a pretty name my name is Hannah im 13 years old ive just started blogging so do you have any tips for me? I love your blog would you please check mine out it would mean the world to me!

  12. Nyasha💍 says:

    Love it😍 check out my blog as well ! Xx

  13. Glee says:

    Hello, i have recently entered myself into the crazy world of blogging and reading yours makes me a very happy girl indeed!
    Any blogging tips? Looovvveee morning routines, i much prefer the real ones in comparison to people who “wake up” looking flawless!

    1. summerogilvie says:

      I agree you cant just wake up ” flawless” lol

  14. Olivia says:

    Hey, I’m called Olivia too! Love your blog, could you possibly check out mine? It’s a work in progress!

    Thanks xxx

  15. itsjustchlo says:

    your youtube and blog is absolutely perfect xo. I love it. Plus you’re sooo pretty. it’s unfair. xo

  16. houseoflondonblog says:

    go check my first on It would be really nice !

  17. Titidu says:

    Hi girl, u shared a great videos. actualy, Iam very tired very morning and need beauty for my work. so products you mention re necessary for me. tks a lot! =))) I’ll try it

  18. summerogilvie says:

    HI there just found your blog, do you allow wordpress followers ??
    im at

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