OMG – how hot is it!?!  The UK is experiencing a massive heat wave for the first time since 2006!   Temperatures are in the early 30s which is seriously hot.  It’s so nice to go out and enjoy the sunshine although it can be really uncomfortable and almost too hot to do anything when you’re not used to it.  So, here’s my guide to surviving the heat wave…


Water is the elixir of life.   We can’t live with out it.  Our bodies need water to work properly and avoid dehydration.  It’s refreshing, it helps your brain function, maintains energy levels and aids digestion.  Believe it or not, water makes up about two thirds of the weight of a healthy body!   We should be drinking at least 1.2 litres of water every day!  When it’s really hot, we lose extra fluids when we breathe and sweat… so it’s really important to keep drinking.

Water is also essential for your skin.  Skin needs water to keep it moisturized.  It can help reduce dark circles around your eyes and helps keep away spots and blemishes and gives your skin a healthy glow.  Obviously this doesn’t happen over night or as soon as you have a drink, but making sure you keep drinking water will definitely help look after your skin.

Don’t just drink when you’re thirsty – drink regularly throughout the day.














Your daily skincare routine – never break it – morning and night.   I’m still using the Elemis Fresh Skin range – I love it.









Honestly, when it’s this hot I don’t bother with much makeup at all.  There’s no point – it just melts down my face!  During the day, I only ever wear a touch of bronzer to make me look more healthy and to give my complexion a slight glow so I don’t look bare and plain.

Bronzer is also great at absorbing shine and disguising minor spots and blemishes.  I’ve always found that spots are less visible with a tan, so a bit of bronzer is perfect for the day time when you’re not wearing any other makeup.  I apply it in a ‘3 formation’ so I get some contouring as well without even trying.

I might add a quick flick of mascara just to accentuate my eyes, but not too much.  Less is definitely more in the sunshine.

At night time, if I’m going out, I love to wear makeup, but more on that in my next post on holiday  make-up … watch this space!




































The skin on your lips is so delicate and can dry out really easily in the sun and heat.  Keep applying a rehydrating balm (preferably with an SPF) or gloss to keep them soft, smooth and plump.









5. HAIR-

I hate having my hair sticking to the back of my neck when it’s this hot, so top knots and pony tails are how I usually style my hair during the day.  They’re comfy, easy and messy which is what most teenagers like now days.













Summer holidays are the perfect time to experiment with different colours and designs on your nails.  I especially LOVE to experiment with fake nails… I buy a load of the cheapest ones I can find and then paint and decorate them. I think they look really lovely and they’re so easy to do! I buy mine at Primark for £1 – bargain!!!  They actually last forever and you can paint, decorate and experiment however you like with them.  I love it.

The vitamin D in the sun’s rays is really good for your nails.  Just keep them moisturised with a good hand and nail cream.

Don’t forget your toes!  I am living in flipflops and sandals now, so my toes are always on show.  Keep your nails filed and trimmed – but don’t cut them too short as you want to avoid ‘ingrowing’ nails which are really painful.  Always apply a base coat, colour and then a top coat so that your varnish lasts.





















PRODUCT I USED: OPI Bright Lights Big Colour













Keep a check on those brows!  Make sure to pluck any stray hairs and keep your brows well kept and groomed.  Remember eyebrows are sisters, not twins so don’t get hung up on making them look the same and don’t over pluck – they’ll never grow back!  My tip is to use an old mascara wand to brush them through and to help shape them once they’re plucked.  (Obviously make sure you clean the mascara wand before you do this! It works really well and is a great recycling opportunity!)


It’s so important to exfoliate whilst spending lots of time in the sun as our skin gets all dry and starts to flake with dead skin… not nice!  Exfoliation helps prevent blemishes, clogged pores, dry skin, dark spots and gives skin a healthy glow.  It also creates the perfect canvas for a sun tan.  I exfoliate twice a week using an oily salt scrub – you can buy these in Boots.  I use the Clearasil Rapid Action Scrub on my face.













Enjoy the sun safely by applying lots of sun cream to protect your skin.  I’ve already written a post all about the damages the sun can do to your skin and I was truly grossed out by the effects that the sun can have on your skin.  So it’s really important to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays.  Most of  your skin’s sun damage happens before you turn 18, but you wont see the long term effects of this until you’re much older.  Don’t do it!  You don’t want wrinkles at an early age or any other nasty illnesses like skin cancer.  Wear as high SPF (sun protection factor) as you can – at least SPF30.  This means you can stay in the sun 30 times longer than you can without wearing it.  It won’t stop you getting a tan, it just means it is slower and safer.  And wear a hat!













Take a cool shower before bed time and have a good wash with a refreshing shower gel.  It will cool you down and get rid of any dried sweat and stickiness.  Then remember to have a nice cool drink of water to lower your body temperature.












11. SLEEP-

Beauty sleep isn’t called beauty sleep for nothing.  It’s the time when our skin regenerates.  However, it can’t do it if you’re not sleeping because you’re too hot!  If you have one, sleep with a fan.  It helps circulate the air and keep you cool.  You can buy fans at John  They have been selling a fan at the rate of one every 30 seconds – there is now a UK wide shortage, but if you can get one, it will help you get your beauty sleep!  Also cooling mist sprays are also amazing, they instantly cool and refresh you with a quick spritz!


So there you have it – my guide to surviving the heat wave.  Would love it if you could share your top tips too ….

Love Olivia xo 🙂






  1. Maddy Cane says:

    Great tips, I will definitely be using all of them! x

    Maddy from UNSTITCHEDD 

  2. Nail Wraps says:

    Great guide. I really like your manicure what nail polish did you use for your fingernails?

    1. Thank you! The nail varnish is from Topshop in the shade ‘adrenalin 206’ it’s so gorgeous and sparkly!

  3. Must Have Boxes says:

    Love this summer guide!

    – KW

    1. Thank you for reading my blog! x

  4. sarijayy says:

    Great tips! Thank you so much! It’s getting way too hot where I live too!

    1. Thank you for checking out my blog. IKR – sooo hot! x

  5. hannah1221 says:

    I saw an article in the Times Magazine and saw you were using WordPress, like me. I just want to say, I love your blog and it’s given me some great tips!!!

    1. Hi Hannah – thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment – I really appreciate the feedback and I will be sure to check out your blog too. Love Olivia x

  6. tanyadoodle says:

    Congratulations- You’ve won the Versatile Bloggers Award. Feel free to take it or leave it

  7. Ashley says:

    I nominated you for the Liebster Award! Go check out my post!♥

  8. Wow – thanks Tanya and Ashley for nominating me in these awards! Very much appreciated and thank you both for stopping by my blog! x

  9. Mindy Jake says:

    Excellent tips. Love the tip for lips. Going tp try it. I have bookmarked your blog and would love to read more tips from you. Thanks.

  10. suhani says:

    Simply desire to say your tips are amazing.Thanks

  11. Alyssa Kirstine says:

    These are awesome tips Olivia! I’m wishing that I had these during the summer… Oh well. But I’ll definitely be using them next year!!

  12. Love this post!!!! Makes me wish summer was right around the corner!

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